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Howard Park (Western Australia)

From Western Australia’s rugged coast, Burch Family Wines is family-owned and operated, with a global reputation for crafting wines of distinct regional character. Their much-lauded Howard Park wines have a real sense of place; bold and elegant in equal measure.


Fiol (Valdobbiadene, Italy)

จC events: Consumer pop-up, 25/10; R-H Sparkling Journey 29/10
Loosely translated, Fiol means กฎcool boyกฏ in the local Treviso dialect. This young and dynamic group of friends have great ambitions to help Prosecco become an even bigger phenomenon than it already is. Their fizz is a leading name in Italy, and delicious to boot!.


Jermann (Veneto, Italy)

จC events: consumer pop-up, 10/10; R-H Family Affair, 12/10
Jermann are best known for their iconic white wines. Their Pinot Grigio is considered the monarch of this fashionable category, their spectacular Chardonnay กฐDreamsกฑ is dedicated to U2กไs 1987 album กฐThe Joshua Tree,กฑ and their highly-decorated Vintage Tunina is considered by critics one of the best Italian whites.


Chivite (Navarra, Spain)

จC events: consumer pop-up, 18/10; New Wave Spain dinner, 19/10
J. Chivite Family Estates is a family firm with one of the longest histories of winemaking in Spain. Current owner, Juliจขn Chivite Lจฎpez, inherited the now renowned estate along with eleven generations of experience to go with it. Their stellar Colecciจฎn 125 series, which commemorates the bodegaกฏs 125th anniversary, includes a Chardonnay that is consistently voted among Spain’s top whites.


Umani Ronchi (Marche, Italy)

จC events: consumer pop-up 25/10; R-H Cicchetti, 26/10; consumer pop-up gourmet w/e, 29/10
In the 1950s Gino Umani Ronchi set up a small farm in the Marche region at Cupramontana, in the heart of Verdicchio Classico country. Since then, Umani Ronchi has transformed from a regional label into an international brand, but it has not lost sight of its roots in the land: roots that spread across the globe in Umani Ronchiกฏs finest wines.


Planeta (Sicily, Italy)

Planeta’s vision has played a key role in revolutionising the perception and quality of Sicilian wines. Founded on an unrivalled knowledge of the land, and forged by many years as grape growers across 17 generations, the estate has captured the interest, perfume and freshness of Sicily’s grapes, through its six boutique wineries.

Planeta has opened the world’s eyes to the charms of Sic­ily’s indigenous grape varieties, ushering in a broad range of wines that today owes as much to Grecanico and Nero d’Avola as it does to the winery’s signature Chardonnay.


Quinta do Crasto (Douro, Portugal)

Iconic estate Quinta do Crasto is nestled among the breathtakingly beautiful and historically rich terraced vineyards of the Douro Valley. Crasto’s founders were pioneers in the Douro Valley, devoting much of their time to unfortified winemaking when most of their neighbours remained 100% focused on Port. Their wines are testament to this long-standing commitment.


Kooyong (Mornington Peninsula, Australia)

In the cool climes of Australia’s Mornington Peninsula, 80km south of Melbourne, boutique winery Kooyong have crafted a reputation for the very best representation of Australian Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The vineyard is split into five individual and distinct areas, it is these differences which influence the flavours of the wines from each site.


Skillogalee (Clare Valley, South Australia)

Dave and Diana Palmer bought Skillogalee twenty years ago following a sudden rush of blood to the head. Today they remain at the helm of a successful boutique family business, including an incredible winery restaurant.

Are they glad they made the sea change? Dave says, “I’m 20 years into my wine apprenticeship and I’m still having fun!”


Man O’ War (Waiheke Island, New Zealand)

Man O’ War is a stunning array of coastal hillsides with high cliffs and pristine beaches forming a ruggedly beautiful coastline. The current owners bought the land in the 1980s, and have named their ‘discoveries’ in honour of family history, naval legacy, and this special part of the world. These wines are utterly unique, and have quickly built a cult following across the globe. Taste the wines, and you’ll see why!


Bogle Winery (California, USA)

It’s now nearly 50 years since father and son Chris and Warren Bogle established their first vineyard near Clarksburg in California, while the estate has since expanded, the boutique philosophy embraced from the outset still continues. Family remains vital too – brother Ryan and sister Jody have joined Warren in the running of the company, Jody joins us in London to share the family stories.


Ruggeri (Veneto, Italy)

Ruggeri was established by Giustino Bisol in 1950 and is now run by his son, Paolo, and grandchildren Giustino and Isabella. This winery’s collection of Proseccos – many bottled as top-quality Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOCG – are among the finest to be found in the region. Isabella Bisol remains an inspirational figure in the quality Prosecco movement, and continues to evolve and energise the family business.


Chalmers (Victoria, Australia)

Chalmers is truly a family business, with all immediate family members involved at every level, and their commitment to innovation and excellence has made them a pivotal force on the Australian wine scene for almost 30 years. Continuing her parents’ pioneering work with Italian grape varieties, Tennille works tirelessly to promote a new wave of “Aussie” wines.


Bertani (Veneto, Italy)

Bertani was one of the first companies in Italy to understand the value of bottled wine. This translated into major investments to bottle and export quality Italian wines and by the 19th century Bertani wines were already crossing the Atlantic. It is with Bertani that the story of Amarone begins, an intense wine that is the symbol of the land from which it is born – a wine born to live forever.


Fontanafredda (Piemonte, Italy)

Fontanafredda, whose vineyards are among the finest in the area, is a winery that combines history with a great sense of conviviality and community, with thoroughly modern production facilities for everything from Asti to Barolo.


El Esteco (Salta, Argentina)

El Esteco’s 1,000 acres of vineyards stand at the heart of the Calchaquí Valley. French immigrants David and Salvador Michel founded the winery in 1892, producing distinctive and elegant high-end wines, with great concentration of colour, deep aromas and well-defined flavours. Their determination has certainly paid off; El Esteco is the leading winery in Salta. These wines are fantastically typical of Argentina – bold, intense and stylish.


Carrick (Central Otago, New Zealand)

It’s 20 years since Steve and Barbara Green established the first of Carrick’s vineyard plantings on the Cairnmuir terraces at Bannockburn in Central Otago. What was then a tangle of wild thyme and briar roses has become one of the region’s most successful producers. They produce stunning Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc with real and heart and soul.


Thelema (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

Cabernet may be its trump card, but the origins of Thelema owe more to the wines of Burgundy than Bordeaux: it was a bottle of Puligny-Montrachet that lured Gyles Webb away from accountancy in Durban to winemaking in Stellenbosch. Today his son continues the good work his father began, and Thelema was recently rated one of the world’s top 100 estates.


Cecchi (Tuscany, Italy)

Brothers Cesare and Andrea Cecchi – who are the latest generation at Cecchi’s helm – have a mantra: “Traditional wines doesn’t mean old wines: the future should not be a repetition of the past, but an improvement on it.” Here, tradition meets innovation to wondrous effect.


Yealands (Marlborough, New Zealand)

According to conventional wisdom, you weren’t supposed to be able to plant vineyards in the rugged foothills of the Awatere Valley. Thankfully, Peter Yealands saw beyond conventional wisdom, and Yealands has become one of the Southern Hemisphere’s finest all-round producers. Winemaker Tamra has blazed a trail, and is the sheer embodiment of the Yealands spirit – obsessive perfectionism and a can-do attitude.


El Esteco (Salta, Argentina)

El Esteco’s 1,000 acres of vineyards stand at the heart of the Calchaquí Valley. French immigrants David and Salvador Michel founded the winery in 1892, producing distinctive and elegant high-end wines, with great concentration of colour, deep aromas and well-defined flavours. Their determination has certainly paid off; El Esteco is the leading winery in Salta. These wines are fantastically typical of Argentina – bold, intense and stylish.


Morgenster (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

New and Old Worlds meet at Morgenster. The estate was bought by Italian Giulio Bertrand in 1992 with a dual vision: to make the best Bordeaux-style wine outside France and the best Italian-style olive oil outside Italy. For the wine, Giulio had the requisite cool breezes and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean; in Château Cheval Blanc’s Pierre Lurton he found the expertise and experience he also needed. The result is the perfect marriage of South African and French know-how, to which Giulio has added his own twist, only releasing a portion of each vintage on launch. The rest is kept, evaluated every six months and released in batches, allowing customers to buy several vintages of the same wine.


Chateau Ste. Michelle (Washington, USA)

Chateau Ste. Michelle has been producing top class European varietal wines since 1967. The winery combines an ongoing dedication to innovation – particularly in their joint venture Riesling (Eroica) with famed German winemaker Ernst Loosen – with a commitment to classic winemaking traditions to craft the highest quality wines. Ste Michelle Wine Estates also encompasses iconic Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars.


Viña Leyda (Leyda Valley, Chile)

Viña Leyda was founded in 1998, in Leyda Valley, a place now recognized as the last great innovation of Chilean viticulture, as well as a place of beautifully dramatic landscape. The train station building depicted on their labels was once the last train stop before travellers from Santiago reached the Pacific Ocean. It became both a landmark and a saying (a variation on the Spanish “la ida”,meaning “going”), showing them the way to the coast. Chief Winemaker Viviana Navarrete’s mission is to reflect and express the unique conditions of the Leyda Valley in each of her wines, and to harness the nature of the region to produce some of the best Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir in Chile.


MontGras (Colchagua Valley, Chile)

The winery was established by Cristián Hartwig and brothers Hernán and Eduardo Gras in 1993. The complementary winemaking and entrepreneurial talent of these three men catapulted Viña MontGras into the limelight, and since then they have worked tirelessly to raise their game, and their dedication to the land has put them strides ahead of their competitors in quality and style.


Il Poggione (Tuscany, Italy)

High on its perch overlooking the lush Maremma, Tenuta Il Poggione has been a byword for top quality Brunello for more than a century. Its dramatic scenery proved irresistible to Florentine landowner Lavinio Franceschi in the late 19th century, drawn to the area by the tales of a local shepherd whose sheep spent the summer months on the sunlit slopes between Montalcino and Sant’Angelo.


Colterenzio (Alto Adige, Italy)

Colterenzio (Alto Adige, Italy) www.colterenzio.it The hamlet of Schreckbichl (Colterenzio in Italian) is situated amid cool, rolling hills to the south of Bolzano. It forms part of South Tyrol’s largest self-contained winegrowing area called Überetsch, or ‘beyond the Adige.’ Colterenzio has firmly established itself as one of Italy’s finest white wine producers.


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