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Drinks Partners

Rémy Martin is the only major cognac house which exclusively produces Cognac Fine Champagne. Our cognacs are solely produced from a combination of grapes from the two most sought-after vineyards in the regions of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. The secret of these vineyards lies in the region’s chalky soil. The permeable subsoil retains moisture in dry weather, maintaining the grapes’ acidity and aromas. The result is exceptionally aromatic grapes which produce fine eaux-de-vie with superior aging potential.

Estrella Galicia is Spain’s largest independent brewery, founded in 1906 in the Galician city of La Coruña, North West Spain. The brewery has remained in the hands of the family ever since, with its founder’s great grandson currently residing as company president. Since it began exporting outside of Galicia seven years ago, it has risen in popularity to become the country’s fourth largest beer.

Estrella Galicia is identifiable in bars by its eye catching ceramic fonts, which have each been hand crafted in the traditional Galician pottery house of Sagadelos. To date its offering in the UK includes Estrella Galicia 4.7% Premium lager in kegs and bottles, 0.0% alcohol-free beer in bottles, Estrella Galicia Gluten-Free 5.5% in bottles, 1906 Reserva Especial 6.5% on draught and in bottles, and newly launched 1906 Black Coupage 7.2% in bottles.

Appalled by the lack of quality gin and wanting to encourage a younger group of consumers into the gin fold, Martin Miller and his two friends set off on a quest for the best gin possible, sparing no expense. Launching in 1999, Martin Miller’s Gin became the first modern-day high quality gin brand, thus setting off the gin renaissance. Since its launch in 1999, Martin Miller’s Gin has consistently won awards for excellence from the world’s leading judging institutions.

Mount Gay is the world’s oldest running rum distillery, established in 1703. Founded and still located in the Parish of St Lucy, at the northernmost tip of Barbados, Mount Gay is crafted using pure, coral-filtered water and the finest Barbadian and Caribbean molasses. Distilled in traditional double copper pot and copper column stills, Mount Gay rums are aged in a diverse selection of casks including American whiskey, Bourbon and Cognac. Harnessing over 300 years of heritage and expertise, Mount Gay rums are a fine balance between science, art and innovation. Blended by recently appointed Master Blender Trudiann Branker and aged under the influence of Barbados’ tropical climate, our rums highlight a unique, rich and flavourful character. Mount Gay’s core range includes Mount Gay XO, Mount Gay Black Barrel and Mount Gay Eclipse, alongside the annual limited editions 1703 Master Select and the Master Blender Collection.

In 2004, when the first vines were planted at Gusbourne Estate, they had a clear vision and a single goal: to create English Sparkling Wines that would stand up alongside the very finest offerings from across the globe. An uncompromising quest for perfection and a fastidious approach to detail is at the heart of everything they do. Gusbourne ensure only the best grapes are used in our winemaking by growing and hand-picking everything themselves. They present an authentic reflection of a time and place in each of our bottles, by producing exclusively vintage wines that are unique to each growing season.

Bibendum Wine is a London-based premium wine, beers and spirits merchant. We’re a specialist for the On and Off trade, delivering great service across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. With a portfolio including 260 wine producers – over 90% of which are exclusive – we are proud to work with some of the world’s most talented winemakers. We also sell an extensive range of premium spirits, craft beers, ciders and sakes.

Founded in 1947 and established in Reims, Champagne Palmer & Co is known internationally for its highly acclaimed wines, prestigious vineyard holdings and exceptional quality. Palmer & Co is indeed a quality-driven Champagne House with over 200 hectares of vineyards classified as Grand and Premier Crus in the Montagne de Reims, one of the most prestigious terroirs in Champagne. The Palmer & Co wines mature in a maze of deep chalky galleries, remaining in contact with the lees for at least four years for the NV Palmer Brut Reserve, six to eight years for the vintage cuvees and up to ten years or more for magnums and larger format bottles.

Highly regarded for their excellence and elegance, the Palmer & Co cuvees are regularly distinguished in major international wine competitions and endorsed by the most respected Champagne experts. Bibendum Wine is the exclusive importer and distributor of Champagne Palmer in the UK.

Fentimans have been making the botanically brewed, exquisitely crafted drinks since 1905.  Their award winning artisanal beverages use the finest natural ingredients and are made using their time-honoured botanical brewing technique. It takes 7 days to make their drinks and the process hasn’t changed much in over one hundred years, with the knowledge and expertise being passed on from generation to generation of the Fentimans family. The range comprises of thirteen flavours of soft drinks and fourteen mixers

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